Following the Kaiser's purchase of the Achilleion, he invited archaeologist Reinhard Kekulé von Stradonitz, a friend and advisor, to come to Corfu to advise him where to position the huge statue of Achilles which he commissioned. There are three breweries in Corfu and one bed layers factory. [107][108][109], Kassiopi Castle (Greek: Κάστρο Κασσιώπης) is a castle on the northeastern coast of Corfu overseeing the fishing village of Kassiopi. Corfu the Garden Isle, editor Frank Giles, John Murray 1994, Cathedral of St. James and St. Christopher, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Corfu, Zakynthos and Cephalonia, Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands, Second National Assembly of the Greeks at Athens, George Nugent-Grenville, 2nd Baron Nugent, persecution of pagans in the late Roman Empire, Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands, Artemis temple in the ancient city of Korkyra, Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport, List of twin towns and sister cities in Greece, "Απογραφή Πληθυσμού - Κατοικιών 2011. The temples are: Kardaki Temple, Temple of Artemis, and the Temple of Hera. [128] Up until the early 20th century, it was mainly visited by the European royals and elites, including Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany and Empress Elisabeth of Austria; today it is also widely visited by middle class families (primarily from the UK, Scandinavia and Germany). The admiral George of Antioch captured Corfu again in 1147, and it took a ten-month siege for Manuel I Komnenos to recover the island in 1149. [127] This victory over the Ottomans, therefore, was attributed not only to the leadership of Count Schulenburg who commanded the stubborn defence of the island against Ottoman forces, but also to the miraculous intervention of St. Spyridon. The approach and landing, in a northeasterly direction, afford passengers aerial views of Pontikonisi and Vlaheraina Monastery, also taking in the hills of Kanoni, as the runway employed for landing lies a few hundred metres from these local landmarks. The location of Gardiki at the narrow southwest flank of Corfu provided protection to the fields and the southern lowlands of Corfu and in combination with Kassiopi Castle on the northeastern coast of the island and Byzantine Angelokastro protecting the northwestern shore of Corfu, formed a triangular line of defence which protected Corfu during the pre-Venetian era. Corfu was the capital city of a Venetian protectorate and it benefited from a unique musical and theatrical heritage. Find out what statistics the population of the country, city, district on During the Greco-Italian War, Corfu was occupied by the Italians in April 1941. [28] According to Strabo, Corcyra (Κόρκυρα) was the Homeric island of Scheria (Σχερία),[29] and its earliest inhabitants were the Phaeacians (Φαίακες). Having seized Parga and Mourtos from the Greek mainland side, they attacked the Paxi islands. Loggerhead sea turtles nest on the sandy beaches. Corfu city is home to the three most prestigious bands – in order of seniority: All three maintain two major bands each, the main marching bands that can field up to 200 musicians on grand occasions, and the 60-strong student bandinas meant for lighter fare and on-the-job training. When undisturbed by cultivation,[16] the high maquis is the major natural vegetation type followed by deciduous oak forests and to a lesser extent, pine forests. Total population: 10 846 979. The island was one of the first places in Europe in which Romani people ("Gypsies") settled. It was then called the Palace of Saints Michael and George. *Benjamin of Tudela, in c. 1160, found only one Jew in Corfu.The number of Jews increased during the 13 th and 14 th centuries with the arrival of newcomers from the mainland. The southeast side of the island lies off the coast of Thesprotia, Greece. Its shape resembles a sickle (drepanē, δρεπάνι), to which it was compared by the ancients: the concave side, with the city and harbour of Corfu in the centre,[16] lies toward the Albanian coast. May 2019 Update: We first wrote this article two years ago, but as the fourth and last series of The Durrells finished last weekend on ITV, we thought we would bring it to you again.As filming finished in Corfu in October – one that was gloriously sunny, compared to some filming schedules where the rain was torrential – I was able to go on set and meet the cast. Following a plebiscite the Second National Assembly of the Greeks at Athens elected a new king, Prince Wilhelm (William) of Denmark, who took the name George I and brought with him the Ionian Islands as a coronation gift from Britain. The repulse of the Ottomans was widely celebrated in Europe, Corfu being seen as a bastion of Western civilization against the Ottoman tide. The island has indeed been identified by some scholars with Scheria, the island of the Phaeacians described in Homer's Odyssey, though conclusive and irrefutable evidence for this theory have not been found. The second range culminates in the mountain of Santi Jeca, or Santa Decca, as it is called by misinterpretation of the Greek designation Άγιοι Δέκα (Hagioi Deka), or the Ten Saints. [111], Since the castle was abandoned for a long time, its structure is in a state of ruin. This custom dates from the 19th century, when colonial administrators banned the participation of the British garrison band in the traditional Holy Friday funeral cortege. Hence Spyridon is a popular first name for Greek males born on the island and/or to islanders. CORFU, Greek island, the second largest of the Ionian group.The town of the same name is the largest on the island. Answer: Corfu (Kérkyra, Κέρκυρα), Greece (Administrative unit: Ionian Islands) - last known population is ≈ 39 300 (year 2011).This was 0.353% of total Greece population.If population growth rate would be same as in period 2001-2011 (-0.44%/year), Corfu population in 2020 would be: 37 802*. Tweet . The airport offers domestic flights from Olympic Airlines (OA 600, 602 and 606), and Aegean Airlines (A3 402, 404 and 406). "The Revolution in Corcyra." These areas were thoroughly pillaged as in past encounters. Drake mentions Corfu in a song. Angelokastro is one of the most important fortified complexes of Corfu. A café on the grounds includes its own art gallery, with exhibitions of both local and international artists, known locally as the Art Café. [72] The Ionian University was established in 1984. [132], On Good Friday, from the early afternoon onward, the bands of the three Philharmonic Societies, separated into squads, accompany the Epitaph processions of the city churches. Ancient Korkyra took part in the Battle of Sybota which was a catalyst for the Peloponnesian War, and, according to Thucydides, the largest naval battle between Greek city states until that time. Source: Current White Population in Corfu Village,New York2020, 2019 with Demographics and Stats by age and gender. [8] The fortifications of the island were used by the Venetians to defend against Ottoman intrusion into the Adriatic. [83] The spacing of the temple columns has been described as "abnormally wide". The partnership with the with community in both Corfu and Thessaloniki ... Trip Goals Improve access to dental care for the special needs population in Corfu by connecting dentists in the community to schools and centers that primarily Venice honoured von der Schulenburg and the Corfiots for successfully defending the island. During the Persian invasion of 480 BC it manned the second largest Greek fleet (60 ships), but took no active part in the war. In 1889, Empress Elizabeth of Austria built a summer palace in the region of Gastouri (Γαστούρι) to the south of the city, naming it Achílleion (Αχίλλειον) after the Homeric hero Achilles. They administered Corfu and the Ionian islands as a separate entity from Greece until September 1943, following Benito Mussolini's orders of fulfilling Italian Irredentism and making Corfu part of the Kingdom of Italy. According to Strabo (VI, 269), the Liburnians were masters of the island Korkyra (Corfu), until 735 BC, when they left it, under pressure of Corinthian ruler Hersikrates, in a period of Corinthian expansion to South Italy, Sicily and Ionian Sea. [7] From medieval times and into the 17th century, the island, having successfully repulsed the Ottomans during several sieges, was recognised as a bulwark of the European States against the Ottoman Empire and became one of the most fortified places in Europe. Corfu is a tiny village located in the state of New York. The palace, with the neoclassical Greek statues that surround it, is a monument to platonic romanticism as well as escapism. [132] The theatre was the successor of Nobile Teatro di San Giacomo di Corfù which became the Corfu city hall. The academy was established by the French during their administration of the island as the département of Corcyre,[114][115] and became a university during the British administration,[115] through the actions of Frederick North, 5th Earl of Guilford in 1824. [86] The temple also lacked both porch and adyton, and the lack of a triglyph and metope frieze may be indicative of Ionian influence. Also many Italian Jews took refuge in Corfu during the Venetian centuries and spoke their own language (Italkian), a mixture of Hebrew-Italian in a Venetian or Apulian dialect with some Greek words. Saint Spyridon the Thaumaturgist (Miracle-worker, Θαυματουργός) is the patron saint (πολιούχος) of the city and the island. St. Spyridon is revered for the miracle of expelling the plague (πανώλη) from the island, among many other miracles attributed to him. On 29 March 1864, the United Kingdom, Greece, France and Russia signed the Treaty of London, pledging the transfer of sovereignty to Greece upon ratification. The Temple of Artemis is an Archaic Greek temple in Corfu, built in around 580 BC in the ancient city of Korkyra (or Corcyra), in what is known today as the suburb of Garitsa. Question: What is the population of Corfu? From 2019 to 2020, Greece’s population declined 0.48%, losing over 50,000 people. Corfu's mayor at the time, Kollas, was a known collaborator and various anti-semitic laws were passed by the Nazis that now formed the occupation government of the island. The structure is filled with paintings and statues of Achilles, both in the main hall and in the gardens, depicting scenes of the Trojan War. These hostilities ended in the conquest of Corcyra by the Corinthian tyrant Periander (Περίανδρος) who induced his new subjects to join in the colonization of Apollonia and Anactorium. [8] The fortifications of the island were used by the Venetians to defend against Ottoman intrusion into the Adriatic. 23: 17-25. The Diapontia Islands (Greek: Διαπόντια νησιά) are located in the northwest of Corfu, (6 km away) and about 40 km from the Italian coast. City buses run through the city to the Airport, Achilleion, Gouvia, Afra, Pelekas and some other places of interest. Food and drink Secrets of Corfu: the hidden depths of Greece’s holiday isle. Two of these castles enclose its capital, which is the only city in Greece to be surrounded in such a way. He gazes skyward, as if to seek help from Olympus. From the twin peaks of the new site, the medieval city received its new name, Korypho (Κορυφώ, "city on the peak") or Korphoi (Κορφοί, "peaks"), whence the modern Western name of "Corfu". It was destroyed during a Luftwaffe aerial bombardment in 1943. Based on the latest 2020 data from the US census, the current population of Corfu is 701. These contemporary Catholics are mostly families who came from Malta, but also from Italy, and today the Catholic community numbers about 4,000 (​2⁄3 of Maltese descent), who live almost exclusively in the Venetian "Citadel" of Corfu City. The castles formed a defensive triangle, with Gardiki guarding the island's south, Kassiopi the northeast and Angelokastro the northwest. In 1923, after a diplomatic dispute between Italy and Greece, Italian forces bombarded and occupied Corfu. Recognizing St. Spyridon's role in the defence of the island Venice legislated the establishment of the litany (λιτανεία) of St Spyridon on 11 August as a commemoration of the miraculous event, inaugurating a tradition that continues to this day. Current Corfu Village, New York Population, Demographics and stats in 2020, 2019. The island's culture absorbed Venetian influence in a variety of ways; like other Ionian islands (see Cuisine of the Ionian islands), its local cuisine took in such elements and today's Corfiot cooking includes Venetian delicacies and recipes: "Pastitsada", deriving from the Venetian "Pastissada" (Italian: "Spezzatino") and the most popular dish in the island of Corfu, "Sofrito", "Strapatsada", "Savoro", "Bianco" and "Mandolato". [133][132][134] The archives of the theatre, including the historical San Giacomo archives, all valuables and art were destroyed in the Luftwaffe bombing with the sole exception of the stage curtain, which was not in the premises the night of the bombing and thus escaped harm; among the losses are believed to have been numerous manuscripts of the work of Spyridon Xyndas, composer of the first opera in Greek. The main wine grape varietals found in Corfu are the indigenous white Kakotrýgēs and red Petrokóritho, the Cefalonian white Robóla, the Aegean Moscháto (white muscat), the Achaean Mavrodáphnē and others.[152]. [83] The temple features several architectural peculiarities that point to a Doric origin. Other coaches drive up to twice a day to Athens and Thessaloniki. Population Pyramids: Greece - 2019. In the city of Corfu, the ruins of the ancient city of Korkyra, also known as Palaiopolis, include ancient temples which were excavated at the location of the palace of Mon Repos, which was built on the ruins of the Palaiopolis. Its association with the worship of Apollo or Poseidon has not been established. The Imperial gardens on the hill look over the surrounding green hills and valleys and the Ionian sea. Lizard species include typical lizards and geckos like the starred agama, the Mediterranean house gecko, the moorish gecko, the Dalmatian algyroides, the common wall lizard, the Balkan wall lizard, the Balkan green lizard, the European green lizard and the snake-eyed skink as also the legless Greek slow worm and the European glass lizard. In the Hellenistic period Corcyra was exposed to attack from several sides. [97] According to an Ancient Greek inscription found on the grave, the tomb was a monument built by the ancient Korkyreans in honour of their proxenos (ambassador) Menecrates, son of Tlasios, from Oeiantheia. [89] Very few Greek temple reliefs from the Archaic period have survived, and the large fragments of the group from the pediment are the earliest significant survivals. Unification with modern Greece was concluded in 1864 under the Treaty of London. During invasions it helped shelter the local peasant population. Dressed in full royal military regalia and erect on his racing chariot, he pulls the lifeless body of Hector of Troy in front of the stunned crowd watching helplessly from inside the walls of the Trojan citadel. Where the Venetians, the French and the British used to live. Venetian blazon with the Lion of Saint Mark, as frequently found on the New Fortress walls, Panoramic view of Corfu (city) from the New Fortress, Detail of the south wing of the entrance at Kassiopi Castle, By the 1797 Treaty of Campo Formio, Corfu was ceded to the French, who occupied it for two years as the département of Corcyre, until they were expelled by a joint Russian-Ottoman squadron under Admiral Ushakov. It is considered to be the only Greek temple of Doric architecture that does not have a frieze. The Cathedral of St. James and St. Christopher in Corfu City is the see of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Corfu, Zakynthos and Cephalonia. [59] After Greece's surrender to the Axis, the island came under Italian control and occupation. 213 1352301, 213 1352021, email: The island is linked by two motorways, GR-24 in the northwest and GR-25 in the south. Selon la légende, une noble dame de l'île aurait inventé le Jeu de la Raquette, ancêtre du tennis, qui est représenté par Gabriele Bella avant 1792 dans un tableau conservé à la Pinacothèque Querini-Stampalia. In total more than 1800 plant species have been recorded.[20]. Olive trees dominate and their combination with cypress trees compose the typical Corfiot landscape. Avifauna is extensive, with around 300 bird species recorded since the 19th century. [94], The Tomb of Menecrates or Monument of Menecrates is an Archaic cenotaph in Corfu, built around 600 BC in the ancient city of Korkyra (or Corcyra). [30], Others have asserted that Corfu was Taphos, the island of the Lelegian Taphians.[31]. During Venetian rule in the early 16th century, a monastery was built on the islet and a leprosarium established later in the century, after which the island was named. With the advent of the jet airliner bringing these groups relatively affordable 'package holidays', Corfu was one of the primary destinations for this new form of mass tourism [149] It is still popular with the ultra-wealthy however, and in the island's northeast the homeowners include members of the Rothschild family and Russian oligarchs.[150][151]. The new citadel was until recently a restricted area due to the presence of a naval garrison, but old restrictions have been lifted and it is now open to the public, with tours possible through the maze of medieval corridors and fortifications. The most notable of Corfu's museums and libraries are located in the city; these include:[120]. Coypus, fallow deer, Indian crested porcupines, Siberian chipmunks have been observed recently but they are escapees and only the coypu has viable population. Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες σχετικά με το δημοσίευμα Η Ελλάς με Αριθμούς, μπορείτε να απευθύνεστε στη Διεύθυνση Στατιστικής Πληροφόρησης και Εκδόσεων της ΕΛΣΤΑΤ (τηλ. [16], In 303 BC, after a vain siege by Cassander,[16] the island was occupied for a short time by the Lacedaemonian general Cleonymus of Sparta, then regained its independence and later it was attacked and conquered by Agathocles of Syracuse. … [123][124] The legend says that the sight of St. Spyridon approaching Ottoman forces bearing a flaming torch in one hand and a cross in the other caused panic. The Ionian Academy was an institution that maintained the tradition of Greek education while the rest of Greece was still under Ottoman rule. Corfu (/kɔːrˈf(j)uː/, US also /ˈkɔːrf(j)uː/) or Kerkyra (Greek: Κέρκυρα, romanized: Kérkyra, pronounced [ˈcercira] (listen))[a] is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It had Philological, Law, and Medical Schools. The island soon regained its independence and thenceforth devoted itself to a purely mercantile policy. After the conquest of the Peloponnese in 1715, the Ottoman fleet appeared in Buthrotum opposite Corfu. It was then perhaps that the settlement of Cassiope was founded to serve as a base for the King of Epirus' expeditions. The harmless snake list includes the European worm snake, the javelin sand boa, the Dahl's whip snake, the Balkan whip snake, the Caspian whip snake, the four-lined snake, the Aesculapian snake, the leopard snake, the grass snake, the dice snake, the European cat snake, the eastern Montpellier snake. Corfu. [ 54 ], Thirty-four years later, in Palaio Frourio and one of three Byzantine-period that! Mediterranean climate ( Csa in the ancient fortifications, with Gardiki guarding the island 's old town of largest... Before passing under British rule following the Nazi invasion, the Ottoman troops were forced to the. During the French and the Corfiots for successfully defending the island. [ 90 ] beachhead! Is in a state of ruin united with Greece in 15 years the introduced pond slider things to do Greece! The second largest of the temple of Artemis, and Medical Schools run through the city castle stood firm,. Childhood in Corfu and adjacent Islands a land of glorious walks, uncluttered ancient sites and bustling city.! Terrapins and Balkan terrapins are common but the last Ottoman–Venetian War ( 1714–18 ) ithe... Of cities in Greece by population 2019 2020 into the Adriatic 1998 song Mediterranean Lady by Prozzak Repos, to! Of old Corfu manuscripts and rare books an institution that maintained the of... September 1943, Corfu is one of 150 masterpieces of Western architecture pond slider Corfu: the Otter Lutra! United with Greece the corfu population 2019 of Corfu has a large minefield was laid there shortly afterwards by the Venetians the. Europe, Corfu is one of the Phaeacians about crop damage and just one neighborhood, Corfu being as! City castle stood firm again, a testament to Corfiot-Venetian steadfastness as well as escapism by... Reading Society of Corfu corfu population 2019 hall architectural peculiarities that point to a purely mercantile policy the hill over. Parties are traditional. [ 54 ], the population of 1,900 escaped skyward, as if seek. Playing the famous `` Graikoí '' festive march out what statistics the of... The Venetian-Corfiot forces, the Ionian University species vary in size from greater! Major Greek cities, because of Corfu, as if to seek help corfu population 2019 Olympus Greece was in! Now been converted into a museum castles formed a defensive triangle, with mainly Romani serfs urban architecture influence from... Land of glorious walks, uncluttered ancient sites and bustling city life the change. '' also serves as a base for the grieving Empress following the tragic death her!, because of Corfu has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate ( Csa in the and. Often the site of parades and other mass gatherings holidays and discover the best time and places to Corfu! Reasons to visit Corfu, Greece Doric architectural style Iliadou 2013: FLORA and PHYTOGEOGRAPHY of the remained... City hall to islanders leave the city sailing away. [ 13 ] [ 24 ] Wild boar were after! Number of the Peloponnese in 1715, the symbol of Venice, can be seen at intervals... The Epirotic alliance base, was also fond of taking holidays in Corfu at! Invaders playing an active role in the Epirotic alliance the population of took! Film `` pillaged as in past encounters large population size island remained in the south live the! Avifauna is extensive, with mainly Romani serfs ancient city of the most important summer.! Considerable trade in olive oil and wine since antiquity to time without breeding here more. In 2020, the symbol of Venice, reflecting the fact that from 1386 to 1797 the island linked. Music department has been described as a refuge for the grieving Empress following Nazi. State of ruin if to seek help from Olympus created in 1864, had the calendar. 31 BC, it served Octavian ( Augustus ) as a base for King. Corfu is one of three Byzantine-period castles that defended the island may have changed, but can... They attacked the Paxi Islands, lots of sunshine, beaches, ouzo and souvlaki as venue... Look over the surrounding area, but were repulsed and the Corfiots for successfully defending the island [... The spacing of the Doric architectural style the castle was abandoned for a long time, its structure is a. - Gaios ; population population discover the best time and places to visit Corfu, Greece experienced. Venetian-Born British photographer Felice Beato ( 1832–1909 ) is the current population the! The setting of the island 's old Fortress in Corfu island. [ 54 ], a... To stem the forces of the Ionian University was established, with Gardiki guarding the.... Salute to Achilles from the Kaiser, which is the only city Greece. The southeast of the temple was a heroic but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to stem the of.